Your Year Just Got Better!


2020…It’s been a strange year, to say the least.  With political and economic upheaval, spurred by a nearly invisible, microscopic opportunist!

There is an endless stream of speculation, conspiracy theories, armchair biologist/virologist yakking away.  All the while we are sent home to quarantine in fear for our lives, or the lives of the ones that we love.  To top that off, parents of young children have become full-time teachers, while they are laid off from work, worrying how the bills will be paid.

And what about the looming economic recession or depression?

What good can come of this?

How could my year just have gotten better???

I don’t know who to blame for my unrealistic optimism in this life! I want to use this corona virus time to take stock of my life, my practice, and my place in the world.  Most importantly – I want to make sure that Health First is using this time to serve you.


To make your 2020 move in a positive direction, here is what our team offers you:

  • We are, and will remain open to serve your health care needs
  • We are taking EXTRA precautions to provide an environment that is sanitized and safe
  • Providing education via our Facebook Live Streams to help you strengthen your health and well-being. (If you like us on Facebook: look at our last four Live Streams focused on a balanced understanding of COVID-19 and actions you can do to protect your health.  More Live Streams to come.)
  • Soon we will be announcing special hours of operation just for our at-risk patients:  Those over 65 and those with health conditions that leave them at a higher risk.
  • We now carry a line of supplements designed to strengthen the immune system
  • More to come:  We are looking at protocols to provide the following services:
  • Online/phone consultations:
  • Expanding our massage services in a safe and sanitary environment:
  • Making acupuncture available as part of our Health First Integrated services

Perhaps you might consider this as a great time to reset your own life.  What have you learned about yourself and the ones you love, during these times?  I see families coming together in ways that were unthought of a few months ago – families spending time together, cooking home-made meals – discovering new ways to interact together.

I know it’s hard to see when we are in the midst of such upheaval, but one day this will be behind us.  Life will return to normal.  Perhaps a new normal, and I would propose it could be a better normal: More thoughtful with stronger community and family ties:  A renewed commitment to create our own health and well-being!  I feel that each one of us gets the chance to decide how we want the outcome to be in our own life.  If you can decide that it’s going to be better, then we’ll do our best to help!

See – Your year just got better!!

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