True Custom, Full-Contact Orthotics provided by Stephen Wadsworth, LMT, MMLT-i

Distortions in posture often start with distortions in the feet. The foot is a complex machine that depends on all 26 of its bones, and even more joints, to work in harmony. When it works as designed, the foot can remain pain-free, and provide proper support to ankles, knees, hips and spine. A healthy foot unwinds to absorb shock as the heel strikes the ground, then winds back up to be a firm, propulsive lever to advance your next step. Many peoples’ feet are able to unwind too well, and they lose their springiness.

My goal is to help you improve the structure and function of your feet by creating a custom, supportive platform for that is rigid enough to achieve the arch-up state, yet flexible enough to allow for shock absorption and comfort. As a Sole Supports provider, I was carefully trained in the casting technique designed by the company. Your weight, your foot’s individual flexibility, and your activity level will also be factored in to the final design.

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