Care for Headaches, Migraine, and Neurological Disorders

Headaches and migraines can present a major obstacle to functioning and enjoying life to the fullest. Headaches can have a number of causes, and doctors typically have a hard time identifying and treating the root cause. In a large percentage of cases, we have found that Upper Cervical Chiropractic can be part of a holistic health regimen to help manage this problem, greatly reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches, and in many cases, curing the problem completely.

Migraine Headaches are a separate and unique diagnosis that truly constitutes a neurological/brain disorder. Upper Cervical chiropractic can also greatly help those who suffer from migraines, and we work closely with other medical professionals when a multi-disciplinary approach can best serve patients with this difficult health problem. Additionally – recent research has shown that Upper Cervical care can greatly effect brain health and can be a critical tool for those who are at risk for, or suffer from, neurological disorders ranging from Irritable Bowl Syndrome to Parkinson’s Disease.

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Auto Accidents / Head and Neck Injuries

Current research shows that over 80% of those who have sustained a whiplash injury from a rear end collision continue to suffer for an average of at least 12 years! This scenario can be largely avoided through Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. The advanced work that we do at Health First, focusing on precise and gentle adjusting of the upper neck has been shown to be highly effective in helping those that suffer from this type of injury.

Proper chiropractic care can help to avoid years of suffering. If you have had an auto accident in the recent past – OR – if it has been many years, you could most likely benefit from care at our office. Much like the injury from auto accidents, sports injuries and other accidents that involve head and neck trauma, can be greatly helped with Upper Cervical Care.

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