You can expect to be treated with kindness from a caring team.

On day one of your care we will focus on understanding your health challenges, and your health goals. We will walk you through an in-depth intake which includes a health history, an interview with one of our practitioners, and a complete exam to help us understand your health journey and how we can help.
Most likely we will want to take x-rays using our state-of-the-art technology (know as Cone Beam CAT Scan) to help us give you the most precise chiropractic adjustments.

The three primary types of treatment at Health First are: Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Craniosacral Therapy, and Acupuncture.

Most of our patients receive their first adjustment, or begin other types of treatment, on the second visit to our office. Our practice is unique in that we offer the chance to rest in a zero gravity chair for 20 minutes after each adjustment, which helps the body to process the changes and the vertebrae to settle into their correct place.

Starting Care

Our first objective is to help your body begin the healing process as soon as possible, while creating the foundation for long term stability and healing.

Most new patients start care with one or two visits per week over a period of six to twelve weeks, depending on the condition.

Most people start to feel better within the first few weeks, and some patients report immediate relief after the first adjustment! We recommend multiple visits in the first few weeks of care to stabilize your condition.

Upon completing your initial care plan, you may choose ongoing care, which focuses on long term stability, wellness, and expressing your full health potential.

Ongoing Support For Your Health and An Enjoyable Life!

We offer services to support your continued journey toward wellness and full expression of life.

Now that your symptoms are gone and you’re living life to the fullest, it’s important to maintain a healthy spine to keep it that way. Your needs are unique, so we will customize your ongoing Wellness Care program to suit your body and your lifestyle. This may mean visiting the office once or twice per month, or as little as once or twice per year. At Health First we know you want to heal so that you can THRIVE, doing more of the things that give you joy. We believe you CAN and we are here to support you!