Integrative Chiropractic Care

There is a buzz-word floating around right now in Health Care – It’s called Integrative Medicine.  I’d like to introduce a similar concept; Integrative Chiropractic Care.  While “medicine” is the practice of diagnosis and treatment of disease (usually with drugs and surgery); Chiropractic focuses on restoration and maintenance of health and is the largest drug-free healing profession in the world.

Consumer Reports published an article in 2011:  called “Is Integrative medicine right for you?”  The article states, “ They found that three out of four of their subscribers used some form of alternative therapy:  More than 38 million adults make more than 300 million visits to acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other complementary and alternative practitioners each year in the U.S.”

A research study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine found that Integrated medical care was very effective at creating significant improvements in individual’s quality of life.

The scientific validity of chiropractic care has been well established.  The National Institutes of Health had this to say about Chiropractic Science:

“A 2010 review of scientific evidence on manual therapies for a range of conditions concluded that spinal manipulation/mobilization may be helpful for several conditions in addition to back pain, including migraine and cervicogenic (neck-related) headaches, neck pain, upper- and lower-extremity joint conditions, and whiplash-associated disorders…”

The chiropractor often employs other modalities, and/or works with other alternative practitioners.  These practices include massage therapy, nutritional therapy, exercise modalities, and other drug-free approaches. When the practice, and published research of chiropractic is understood, chiropractic stands as a central component of integrated health care.

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